Stories of YSU Podcast

This limited run podcast was undertaken as part of Kat’s degree requirements in the American Studies M.A. program at Youngstown State University. The goal of Stories of YSU was to share the diverse experiences of members of the university faculty, staff, and students with both the university community and the world at large.

Episode 1: Andrew Carroll

Andrew is a graduate student in the English Department’s Master of Arts program. He also completed his undergraduate degree at YSU. In this episode we talk about how YSU and Youngstown have changed, fitting in, and life after academia.

Episode 2: Helene Sinnreich, Ph.D.

Dr. Sinnreich is the Clayman Family Professor of Judaic and Holocaust Studies, the Director of YSU’s Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies, and the Editor in Chief, of the Journal of Jewish Identities. Our conversation centered on the many exciting accomplishments of her programs here at YSU, and Dr. Sinnreich’s own research.

Episode 3: Martha Pallante, Ph.D.

Dr. Pallante is a Professor of History and the History Department Chairperson at YSU. Dr. Pallante came to academia in a roundabout fashion, starting out as a gymnast at YSU, and in this episode we talk about her journey from gymnast to scholar, and her efforts at promoting a diverse department.

Episode 4: Gabriella Gessler

Gabi is the Vice President of Student Life for the Student Government Association at YSU. Gabi and I spoke about the importance of community at YSU and her efforts to raise awareness for Title IX issues on our campus.

Episode 5: Grimilda Ocasio, M.A.

Grimilda is the Department Secretary for History and has a Master of Arts in American Studies from YSU. In our conversation for this podcast, we spoke about her Final Project on the Oral Histories of the Ethnic Parishes of the Catholic Church in the Mahoning Valley area. Her work was exhibited at the Youngstown Historical Center of Industry & Labor, which is run by YSU.

Episode 6: Marcelle Wilson, Ph.D.

Dr. Wilson is the Educator and Curator at the Youngstown Historical Center of Industry & Labor, and an member of the Adjunct Faculty at YSU. In this episode, Dr. Wilson and I discussed her own work, and the importance of the museum for both residents of the Mahoning Valley, and the United States as a whole.

Episode 7: Valerie Waksmunski

Valerie is a graduate student and assistant in the History Department at YSU. She is also an artist. Valerie and I talked about her thesis, and her fascinating life outside of school.

Episode 8: Jillian Smith

Jillian is a student in Political Science at YSU. She also completed several internships in Washington, D.C. over the past year and a half. While recording this podcast, we spoke about topics ranging from the economic state of Youngstown to development of sustainable economies in Africa.

Episode 9: Trevon Wright

Trevon is an undergraduate in Information Technology at YSU, and a student worker in the History Department. We talk about his journey as a first generation college student.

Episode 10: Kathryn Robison

In the final episode of this podcast, the tables get turned and our sound engineer, Kassy, interviews Kat about both her experience in making this project and her own experience at YSU.

Producer & Host: Kathryn Robison
Audio Engineer: Kassy Tamanini
Committee Chair: Donna DeBlasio, Ph.D.
Committee Members: Brian Bonhomme, Ph.D. & William Mullane, M.A.

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