having lived this day
i am not the same she
that this morning awoke
different than how i was
the moment my eyes closed


since the beginning of time
you have existed
young, then old, then
in a massive eruption
eternity inside of your soul


below the horizon
the sun falls
its light lost not long after
a memory remains
but the heat fades
and it is here
my heart gone cold
that i wait

still life

frozen like photographs
are these moments of her
i live subdued
in a world of memories
degraded like film left too
long exposed in bright light


hip thrust forward
into a world
she’s ill prepared for
hand resting upon that hip
fingers pointing back
to the ones she’s leaving
visions of a bright future
that will fall among ashes
as the ones she most desires
consume her as if she
were a log and they the fire


space is no longer
a strange place
we have burst out
of our atmosphere
riding rockets to
escape the hold
of gravity on us
now we look ahead
longing to experience
what it is like to
to walk upon the
surface of a new place