katroI am a Ph.D. Candidate at The University of Alabama in Political Science in the fields of American Politics and International Relations, with an outside minor in Communication. I also serve at the Program Coordinator for The Graduate School’s Tide Together Mentoring Program. My research interests are in the fields of space policy and communication (both political and science). I am particularly interested in how communication plays a role in the formation and dissemination of national space policies. I am also interested in the role of social and new media in the communication of space sciences and policies.

I previously researched the relationship of American Christian fundamentalists and the United States’ classroom, largely in relation to the teaching of evolution in the public school system. More recently, I have examined topics such as NASA’s use of hashtags on social media for public outreach and education, and the bifurcation of the STEM and Humanities’ disciplines in academia.

I obtained my B.A. from the University of Arizona in Anthropology (concentrating on Biological Anthropology) and in Near Eastern Studies. My M.A. in American Studies was completed at Youngstown State University. With my diverse academic background in both social and hard sciences, I am in an ideal position to understand the various sides and priorities of voices within and external to the setting of national space policies, the communication that influences those policies, and the importance of space sciences to the interests of both nations and their citizens as a whole.

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